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Lynn Johnson

Testimonial / March 15, 2019

I’ve always seen you as a strong individual, I remember you before you married, had children and I always knew that you would be “strong on your feet”. I can see how important it is to have a good foundation and support of one’s education and social skill-set, which gives you a canvas to paint your life with. It also, allows you to be flexible in life choices, we (women) do have and possess the ability to choose right from wrong, or good and evil.
I have twin sons, and that’s hard sometimes, because I had to support their growth, separately and I always wanted them to have their own identity..even though they are identical. I had chosen way before I married to send my children to college, and in my head that was not an option (They both graduated from college). I also, knew I needed to align myself with the person (husband) who had that same idea.
As a Black woman I’ve seen that I had to work harder than my counterpart, had to be the best at what I wanted to achieve. I feel that the faith and parental foundation laid before me was very key to my life. My Grandfather always said, “you can do, what ever you put your mind to”. That has resinated in my life. As woman I was always questioned about my choices (Drafting, drawing blueprints, engineering ideas) or to do what was a man’s job, or told I could not build a concrete wall (I did)…I never stop listening to what my Grandfather said… and I said it to my son’s later as they began their choices in life. I wanted them to believe in theirselves first.
I also, have been mentors to many Black women; and some I didn’t know that they were watching me to mold their life after.
I agree, with your words of wisdom from the book. “you are not in competition with anyone”. I say, be yourself the person God made, (Psalms 139:14). Women can be and do whatever you put your mind to. Don’t immitate (copy), duplicate, or borrow someone elses identity. Be yourself, don’t conform, never recreate but, demonstrate who God bless you to be.
Thank you for, such a strengthening request, it was for such a time as this. I needed this light. It made me lift up my head again, in a time of need.
Thank you my sister, stay focused, and may God bless you today and always!
“Keep standing strong on your feet”