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Marie Miles

Testimonial / April 10, 2019

Songstress Kierra Sheard sings a song entitled, “Flaws”. Some of the words are, “You love my flaws. They make me beautiful”. Letters to our daughters is a compilation of experiences from authors whose lives have been impacted by people who labeled, judged, bullied and shamed them into believing that what was perceived as “flaws” made them not good enough for whatever goal they wanted to accomplish. Whether it was the color of their skin, their size, hair texture or ability to grasp that seemingly impossible math problem, many of us can relate to their pain and the struggles of not being accepted. One author’s story entitled “Perfectly Imperfect”, remarked of how easy it is to buy the lie that says the grass is greener on the other side and how experiences in her life allowed her to become stagnate until one day she realized that she was “perfectly imperfect”! Letters to our Daughters is a brilliantly written book that helps young people break free from the labels others placed on them and how to live a limitless life.