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Natoyia Harris

Testimonial / May 14, 2019

I initially purchased the book to support a friend. However, this book has been a life changing gift to my daughter and I. It provides a conversation starter to address the multiple issues that impact girls and women of color. The lessons throughout the book teach young girls to embrace their inner beauty, despite the negative images presented within our culture and/or society. The stories make you laugh and cry as you relate to your own childhood memories. The authors provide a valuable experience within a book that takes us a lifetime to learn. The stories shed light on personal challenges of self esteem, colorism, and suicide which lets us know we are not alone. The book is instrumental because it adds depth to your personal tool box as a young girl. It provides teen girls struggling to define themselves, the strength and hope to remain resilient. I will encourage my daughter to read this book multiple times to understand that her B.E.A.U.T.Y is defined by her. This book is a must read for all teen girls, because we live in a world that misguides the definition of beauty. Thanks so much for this awesome book that we can share with our daughters.